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In 2013, a group of Bay County music lovers joined together to learn and play ukuleles.  Since its first meeting, The Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews has grown to an active playing membership. "Initially, we would play and sing along to some classic old tunes," said founder Julie Merritt. As the group grew in number and diversity of instruments, so has our scope of musical interests, ranging from classical ukulele tunes to hits of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, country, folk and rock and roll.

Not surprisingly, The Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews has become a very active family of musicians that includes not only ukuleles, but trumpet, bass, accordion, drums/percussion, guitars, flute, keyboard, dobro, vibra slap, harmonicas and kazoos.  It is truly an orchestra!

UKES at First United Methodist Church

The group now performs at a variety of venues across Bay County and raises money through performing as well as through charitable donations. The mission of The Orchestra is two-fold: to have fun and to support music and arts education in our community.  We have established a grant program of which community organizations in need of additional support for their music and/or arts programs may apply.

We encourage interested adults of all skill levels to join The Orchestra.


We rehearse weekly.  The Bay County public library has ukuleles and tuners available to check out, which The Orchestra provided. If you are interested in joining The Orchestra, send us a note on the "Become A Member" page or come to one of the events you see on the Calendar page.

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